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"New Planet", Konstantin Fedorovich Yuon - description of the painting

New planet - Konstantin Fedorovich Yuon. 101 x 71 cm

This is one of Yuon's most controversial paintings in many ways. Secondly, the color scheme completely unusual for the artist is involved in it. Thirdly, catchy expression is used, which is not found in his other canvases. And the most basic is the only picture of the master, to which they attribute the diametrically opposite meaning.

This is a very expressive and expressive canvas, made in the style characteristic more of poster art. A red planet is born and rises on it, which can be interpreted both as the birth of a new state and as a threat of red terror. Along the edge of the earth small human figures rush about beside themselves with horror, grief and misunderstanding of what is happening. They clutch their heads, pray and in fear stretch their hands to the new luminary. There is so much power and expressiveness in their gestures and poses that they alone make the static image dynamic.

The energy and movement of the canvas are also filled with sharp, beaming beams of the alarming yellow color. Together with them, a scarlet planet rises from the bowels of space, all in red spots, as if in traces of gore and fresh blood. It scares and surprises at the same time, symbolizing a radical change in society. Her appearance will be swept away by everything old and obsolete, but is that what she brings with her - good or perdition?

The color scheme fully meets the revolutionary orientation and expression of the canvas. It involves very bright, even aggressive colors - dark blue, yellow, red, black. But there are no open colors, all images have multicolor highlights, especially on human figures. It is like an imprint of fate, past and future life in the reflections of a bloody new planet.

Watch the video: 天鵝湖胡桃鉗 俄國芭蕾視覺饗宴 -udn tv (January 2022).