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"Elections. Meeting with Voters ”, William Hogarth - description of the painting

Elections. 100x127

William Hogarth created a series of paintings, "Elections to Parliament." Meeting with voters ”, performed in the domestic genre.

To the sound of endless cheap music is an acquaintance with the candidate. All the action resembles being in a tavern. As if in a drinking establishment, on the tables are strong alcoholic drinks, beer is pouring from barrels. The boy, who should not be at such rampant events, himself pours an additional portion of foam, and it spills into the trough, like cattle.

This action takes place in the foreground. Next to him are two men. One of them pours the contents of the mug to another on the head. The second sits on the floor with a stick in his hands, holding a glass, carefully examining his stick. He doesn’t care what is being poured over him. Most likely he is crazy.

At this time, the woman in the next chair begins to fall, for sure, she is drunk. Her leg stands on a piece of canvas of her own dress. No one is trying to help her. At the same moment, a book breaks off the table - as if the last pure and sensible disappears, everything becomes garbage, unnecessary rubbish. A half-naked man in a wig reaches out, noticeably ill. Next to him, a neatly dressed man rubs his forehead. As if nothing had happened at the table show tricks. Three onlookers with a dull expression on their faces are bewitched by this.

The author does not try to cause pity for people. He shows the attitude towards them, and that those, in turn, are not against it. The goal of parliament is to cloud the already intoxicated mind. A whole ensemble of dirt and stench. Apparent squeamishness is caused by everything that is presented for viewing. The torn picture of the king most likely means: no matter how high the ranks, they are still not suitable for kings. No one cares about this work. It does not matter that this is a representation of power and everything should be in perfect order, especially the portraits of the commanders-in-chief. Complete neglect in everything.

There are plates of half-eaten food on the floor, rags and even hats are thrown under your feet. Furniture is thrown out the open window, or perhaps a fight has already flared up, or someone decided to profit from a strange banquet and put their chairs in their hands. The shutters are wide open, the grayish-bottle-colored curtains are hastily hastened with a quick movement, part of the glass is missing. Whispering everywhere, knee-deep, not healthy environment.

Most of the faces are deliberately depicted as dark, soulless, dull. Only a few remain with a bright head. The candidate himself is obese and unpleasant, having removed the starched wig, wipes the sweat on his crown. On his left hand are lying, small people (their author depicted lower effects, even smaller ones, to increase the effect). The henchmen and toadies are the closest circle of deputies. Interestingly, a lady in an expensive hat is led out of the room, her marble face betrays her high rank. Here she does not belong.

Sick, dying and just idiots - that's the voice of whom is calculated. Selling political system, tremendous prosperity of corruption. The infamous carnival of the wretched. A garbage can filled with dirty sheets of a brothel, where the people are as stupid confused.

The canvas is riddled with symbolism. Satire, like blood vessels, blurred in the image. We must pay tribute to the creator - he skillfully arouses interest, clearly emphasizing the parasitic elite of society and the miserable survival of the people.

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