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"Moses", Jacopo Bassano - description of the painting

Moses - Jacopo Bassano. 121 x 102 cm

The difficult path of Moses with his people, whose goal was the promised land, lasted 40 years and was full of difficulties and miracles, reinforcing the faith of wanderers. One of such miracles was depicted on his canvas by the Venetian painter Jacopo Bassano - the magical appearance of water from a rock, which quenched the thirst of people suffering on their endless path to the promised land.

However, you should not take the picture literally: the quenching of physical thirst here personifies the quenching of spiritual thirst. We are on the right track, since our leader and the Lord show a miracle, which means stop complaining and moaning. Wandering through the arid desert and watching his people suffer, Moses struck the rock with his staff and water poured from it, a full-flowing spring.

Having carefully examined people drinking and collecting water into vessels for the future, we gradually look at the background ... But what is it? Is it a dry and lifeless desert, which according to the Old Testament the Jews cross? No, we have living landscapes that are characteristic of Italy and the area where the artist Bassano lived and worked - mountains, a wooden house, trees (all this can be distinguished with a more detailed and close examination). At that time, the deliberate non-observance of geographical and cultural-temporal markers was not considered an error or inaccuracy, so the desert landscape turned into an Italian province, and people in modern (for Jacopo Bassano) townspeople or rural residents, judging by their clothes and utensils.

The picture is distinguished not only by a multi-figure composition and realistic depiction of people and animals, but also by contrasting bright color, emotional richness, tension, and the play of chiaroscuro.

The presented plot was more than once duplicated by the students of Bassano (who were his sons, by the way) and subsequent generations of painters.

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