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“Resting Girl”, Francois Boucher - description of the painting

“Resting Girl”, Francois Boucher - description of the painting

The resting girl is Francois Boucher. 59 x 73 cm

From a certain period of its development, the French Rococo has made a line that separates revelation and eroticism from frivolity and pornography is very unsteady and almost elusive. Even now it seems that the Resting woman, she is the fair-haired Odalisque, is too frank. And what can we say about the audience of the 18th century ...

Francois Boucher presented to the society two pictures at once: Dark-haired odalisque and this work. They differ from each other only in the color of the hair of the heroines - otherwise the composition and pose are the same. The public, despite the furious popularity and demand for Boucher, reacted to the new paintings with caution, reproaching the painter for promiscuity.

Looking at the picture, you can immediately catch the too young age of the heroine. And this is a tribute to the fashion of the time. In her sunset, the Rococo era loved to represent children in situations that are more suitable for adults. For example, boldly lie down on the couch and openly flirt with the viewer ...

Critics attribute the picture to boudoir scenes. Not even the most daring antique plot could justify such an erotic embodiment. The naked girl lies belly down on a small sofa in the soft folds of a silk sheet. The hips and buttocks are flaunted openly. Her legs are slightly divorced and bent at the knees. The skin is painted in a gentle color, it seems to glow with freshness and youth.

The composition is harmonious and harmonious, but the viewer is constantly visited by the thought of some far-fetchedness. Obviously, the back of the sofa is too high, and it would hardly be comfortable for a girl to lie in that position. However, the master distracts us from such sympathy for the heroine, taking away attention to the complex textures of fabrics and a few interior elements. Boucher subtly sets up counterpoints in bright, vibrant colors - this is a blue ribbon in the girl’s hair, the edge of which she holds in her hands, a pink flower, casually dropped on the floor by the sofa, etc.

Boucher’s contemporaries grasped the similarity of the canvas portrayed by his author with his wife. The philosopher Didro, a contemporary of Boucher and his main hater, boldly said that if the author decided to give the girl the features of his own wife from the picture, then this is nothing more than a prostitution of that.

Today it is believed that the canvas depicts 15-year-old Louise O’Murphy, the favorite of King Louis 15, for whom the crowned lady built a house of love joys near Versailles.

The bold, even scandalous picture of Francois Boucher is today recognized as one of the best in the work of the master.

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