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“Sea coast in Dieppe”, Konstantin Korovin - description of the painting

“Sea coast in Dieppe”, Konstantin Korovin - description of the painting

Sea shore in Dieppe - Konstantin Alekseevich Korovin. Canvas, oil.

This study is a vivid expression of the influence of French impressionism on the work of a Russian artist. This is indicated by wide free strokes, expressive layering of colors, the use of clean, but restrained shades.

The canvas depicts part of the Normandy coast with characteristic steep banks and vast sandy beaches. The leaden northern sky cannot make the landscape too gloomy - this is hindered by light yellowish and lilac overflows of clouds and a surprisingly juicy, transparent shade of green turquoise, in which the sea is painted.

On one side of the picture, a fragment of a cliff is depicted, exposing layers of rocks. They are almost plain, very light, decorated on top with a dark strip of fertile soil with a fringe of fresh green vegetation. Only in the distance, where the cliff is washed by the waves of the cold sea, the soil acquires a warm apricot hue, emphasizing the overall cool color scheme of the picture.

In the distance, the landscape becomes more vague, foggy, which is also characteristic of impressionism. The steep banks drown in a lilac haze and smoothly turn into the same shades of the harsh northern sky. Only a strip of the sea with its incredible “summer” hue contrasts with cold colors, without entering into pronounced dissonance with them. Two sufficiently juicy color spots significantly transform and enliven the overall impression of the landscape.

On the spacious beach, you can see individual colored dots. These are people walking along the beach. Although they are not spelled out in details, nevertheless, their outlines are guessed, you can understand where men are depicted and where women are depicted. Even a tiny umbrella is visible - an indispensable accessory for ladies from society, characteristic of those times.

With all the seeming negligence of writing, the picture has a completed look and perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the Normandy sea coast.

This painting emphasizes the undoubted artistic gift and talent of the artist, indicates that the impressionistic style of writing was not something alien to him, brought from outside. Korovin managed to combine French airiness with Russian passion. The result of such an original symbiosis was magnificent paintings, which became a significant contribution to Russian and world painting.

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