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“Abramtsevo. Summer landscape ”, Repin - description of the painting

“Abramtsevo. Summer landscape ”, Repin - description of the painting

Abramtsevo. 37.5 x 61 cm

Option 1
The airy landscape, literally permeated with the atmosphere of a summer day, depicts a beautiful terrace with a beautiful snow-white staircase leading down from the house. The predominant color of the canvas is all shades of green, reflecting the richness of wildlife. The beauty of a sunny warm day is reflected in every detail - the fresh color of vegetation, the terracotta shade of the terrace, the white dress of a walking lady - all literally scream about a relaxing bliss and a calm, measured rest.

This picture is striking in many small and seemingly invisible details. The terrace is framed by a decorative flowering border, on it at the entrance to the house, at the steps of the white stairs are large decorative plants in tubs. The lady, standing and peering into the distance, sat a second ago on an elegant folding white chair.

The cottage is surrounded by mighty green trees that seem to frame the picture. This is a kind of protection, protection from the entire surrounding world with its unpleasant reality. The small cozy little world of Abramtsevo seemed to hide in this greenery, dissolved in eternal contemplative peace. The artist remarkably managed to convey the complete tranquility of nature, which is not excited by small human passions.

Option 2
The unity of man and nature, the harmony of the old and the old with the delicate and aristocratic, as well as the special color and enthralling composition - all this is about “Summer Landscape”, written in 1879 by Ilya Repin.

Venue - Abramtsevo, possession of a friend of Repin Savva Mamontov; characters - the artist’s wife walking in a wild overgrown park; action time is one of the summer days.

Saturated dark green colors, coupled with a thick thicket and a crumbling flimsy bridge, seemed to create an oppressive heavy atmosphere, however, this does not happen. The heroine in a light elegant dress seems to illuminate the whole picture from the inside. She walked around the garden and stopped for a second on the bridge, leaning against the unreliable railing, staying deep in her thoughts and enjoying the silence, so that afterwards she could continue her promenade through the overgrown corner of the garden.

Repin seized this moment, creating a beautiful picture, which can be safely called one of the best examples of Russian landscape lyrics in his work. Time will pass, and the heroine of the picture will part with the artist - we will never know the reasons for sure, since the painter never advertised his family problems. However, the wonderful painting “Summer Landscape” will forever fit into Russian fine art, striking with its technical and coloristic embodiment.

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