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Poppies (Field of poppies), Claude Monet - description of the painting

Poppies (Field of poppies), Claude Monet - description of the painting

Maki - Claude Monet. 65x50 cm

Monet worked on the painting "Maki" in 1872-1873. The artist and his family settled in the town of Argenteuil, near Paris. This time was favorable enough for Monet - even if it was still far from recognition, but the technique and skill reached a certain maturity, and the suddenly fallen inheritance from his father strengthened his financial situation and allowed him to freely create. This calm and productive period will last seven years.

“Poppies” or “Field of Poppies by Argenteuil” is one of the most recognizable works of the master. Through the tall field grass dotted with bright red poppies, a young woman with an umbrella and a boy in a short-brimmed hat wander to the viewer. Moneta connoisseur of creativity is easy to guess that this is his wife Camilla and son Jean.

The composition has a pronounced diagonal construction, emphasized by poppies. At the same time, the entire compositional solution is embodied with the help of color - red organizes and structures the space of the picture. Two figures of people at the lower right corner of the canvas are balanced by two figures at the beginning of the diagonal. Monet did not seek a new nature, but again depicted his wife and son as a mirror image of the figures of the near plan.

The sky in the picture is very sketchy. When looking at the original, you can see the emerging canvas, unfilled with paints. Obviously, the author paid more attention to the lower part of the work, where everything is written out extremely fully and accurately. The green is depicted in light tones, the contrast of which are the dark verticals of trees towering above the field. It was no coincidence that a house with a terracotta roof appeared on the canvas, being a link between the foreground and background, thanks to color “roll calls”.

Work on the picture was on open air. With a small portable canvas in his hands, Monet went to the poppies, trying to capture the momentary impression, while harmoniously putting together all the details and fragments of the picture.

The painting was presented at the first exhibition of the Impressionists in 1874.

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